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20vt clocks to mk1 clocks


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Hello all,

I have picked up a mk1 gti with a APY engine swap, 02J gearbox, hydro clutch ect.
However the car has had its loom swapped to one from a ibiza cupra (I believe) and has been left totally stripped out inside (no dash, carpets, headlining, rear seats)

I want to get the car back to original inside so am looking at installing a mk1 dash and clocks, my confusion starts with how on earth am i going to wire up a mk1 dash to a ibiza loom! (clocks, speedo, tach, light switches the lot)

If anyone has any ideas or direction on this it would be greatly appreciated

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The wiring diagrams from both models are going to be your friends.  

You are going to sort out the wiring from the one to the other, you are going to be knee deep in to the wiring schematics.

Solder Irons,  heat shrink,  and a DVOM are going to be your good friend, and companions going forth.

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