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Young driver insurance


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Any suggestions while looking for insurance and anyone know what the prices are like for a young driver?

I'm 18, and will be doing my driving license this summer.
I really want a Mk1, most likely a 1.6L, but I would most likely have it brought into the UK as I can get it cheaper abroad, and looking at the insurance prices I'm leaning towards insuring it back where I'm from as it would be a lot cheaper, especially that it will be left hand drive, however if I get a decent quote, I will definitely insure it here.

Any suggestions on how to get a lower quote?

Also, how much miles would I possibly make? I know it's hard to judge be it's even harder for me as I never owned a car. I mean, I just asked my mum and she said she does about 7k. She drives every day to and from work, and quite often also drives my dad to and from work, and I would definitely not making trips this long everyday until at least another year when I go to Uni, however, I'm thinking of driving to my homeland during summer which is about 1.2k miles one way which quite a road trip.
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