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How do I go about assessing car's value, new member query?N


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I am the single owner since '89 of a VW Golf Clipper and need to get it valued for insurance purposes…Does the VW owner club have a 'resident' assessor willing to come by to appraise?


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Hello there.

We don't have anyone resident to do this.

The best way may be to post up some photos of your MK1 and description to get a gauge on value here.


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Most classic insurance companies will accept a self-evaluated value of less than around 9,000. After that you'll likely need an official assessment. Wouldn't have a clue where to get one though.

But as above, post some pictures, spec and condition up and we can give you a rough idea on the value.  :thumbs:

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All of the above but the more detail and clear pictures you can give us from all over the car the better.
Don't forget under the bonnet and if you can get it on a workshop lift get some from underneath.  ;)

Then we can give you a rough idea of what it might be worth from X to Y.  :thumbs:

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