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Insurance Prices


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What are your insurance prices & how long have you been driving for and what mods do you have?

What are your insurance prices & how long have you been driving for and what mods do you have?:)


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complete mind field

but my last one was 90 Fully comp classic policy on a standard car



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Welcome to the Club first of all Lewis.  :)

I think it would be easier if you answered and posted up that information you asked about yourself first because everyone is different.

Take me for example.
Next month I've been driving 35 years, no accident claims on my insurance.
No convictions, no speeding tickets, not even a parking fine.

So how would that compare to you or anyone else come to that?

See what I'm driving at!  :thumbs:

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Ever wondered who's behind the scenes of this forum?


There's me building mine 28 years ago, almost finished!        
Be proud of your VW Golf Mk1, it's very special!


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Thank you Mike,

I'm currently driving a Fiesta Zetec but looking to get a Golf by this summer, my insurance was 1407 for 1st year, 700 2nd year (just renewed).

so all I have 1 year no claims.


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My Sportline on a normal policy, 36 year old, 13 plus NCD, about 4000 annual mileage which is quite low, can't remember excess, but it came in at 180 fully comp from memory.

Compulsive buyer of knackered VWs!!!

Previous rides;

'81 Mk1 1100 C
'83 Mk1 1.8 GTI
'93 Corrado 16v 9A
'81 Mk1 GLI cab
'91 Mk2 16v KR
'89 T3 Whitestar
'87 T3 Caravelle GL
'95 Polo G40 LHD
'93 Mk1 Sportline LHD


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had mine a year now, where does the time go!

Lancaster was 130 last year - renewal came to 180

Phoned Footman James and on a limited milage policy came to 98.

Alps 1992 Rivage Green, 1991 Rivage Blue (SOLD), 1986 GTI convertible White (SOLD)
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