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Back on the road


After 8 years in the garage I'm finally in a position to get the golf back on the road. It's almost ready for the first run to the MOT garage but I will need insurance.
Can anyone give me ideas for insurance company's that are good for us mk1 golf owners? I have a 92 rivage and would be interested in low mileage insurance or classic car insurance. I will probs only be running the car in the summer months possibly only putting 6 no the tax on (still can't believe how much the tax is per year)
Iv found lancaster and footman James on a quick search iv done but good to compare.

Any help appreciated

1991 Mk1 Golf GTi Rivage 1.8cc
113k on the clock
Owned for 16 years


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Hi.  If I can be of any help just drop me a PM.  Lancaster discount code in the members lounge.  

Many thanks

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