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Cambelt TOO LONG ?!


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Cannot tighten the cambelt

Hi everyone.
I have a big mystery with my car )
Golf mk1 1.1 '78
Changed the waterpump and cambelt. Cambelt number is 5015 108 x 3/4 and waterpump is D1WG003TT.
Maybe try a shorter cambelt ?


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To tighten it i have to twist the waterpump clockwise more , the place for screwdriver is too far and the bolts are not mathing the holes on the pump.

On the image i uploaded earlier the bolts are on the limit.

Like here IMG_20181223_165608_1545578287535.jpg


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If you have the correct Belt then you need to align the timing marks on the engine and get all the slop on the belt to the water pump side.  Once you have all the slop on that side then you should be able to rotate your w/p to take the slack.

Are you sure that you have the pump in the correct orientation…. as if the holes aren't mating up, then are you sure that you don't have it 180 out?  Just guessing here as I have never seen anything thing but a 1.5-1.6 Diesel and a 1.8…..

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