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UK Scooby Classic Turbo


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Recently purchased this original UK turbo.  Completely standard and only 60k on the clock.    It's got a bit of a list issues that I'm getting a Subaru specialist to do which includes:

Parking dent removal
Engine out, clean engine bay  
Replace engine and gearbox seals  
Remove rust on underside
Powder coat and sand blast front and rear subframes
Clean and re-furbish differential
Waxoyl under body
Replace timing belt kit
Sort out engine misfire
Replace all oils and fluids
Zinc coat under body bolts
New under body bushes  

This is the car as it currently stands

77D721F7-2FDF-4F22-9183-240D7F5DDBC9.jpeg 8546EAF4-B4DB-4942-8BCC-EE520568CF0B.jpeg 222C2445-7C51-4FAD-AAF9-F7920AA50ECC.jpeg A0A6ECE3-8077-4DA0-B7B7-6858A2E071F4.jpeg 254313B5-F918-49AD-87D6-28775BC8310A.jpeg 944D55B2-2BF2-4862-AA6D-5C52B98C98FC.jpeg 2CF26A9E-3F9A-4C22-81EE-BF32EDE0B6E4.jpeg A4E80270-1039-4AC8-AE06-3A7411A22956.jpeg 77003999-8674-4DD0-B57A-D6BDC97AA862.png

Hopefully the work should all be done by end of Feb/early March 
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