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This is where it all started for me!


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This is where it all started for me!

I've finally got round to uploading a few pictures, please excuse the quality of some cause they were pre digital!!  :oops:

The Pink Princess in all its glory!!! Purchased on 17/7/2002 and towed 200 miles on a strap from Hertfordshire to Lancashire, never again would I do that!!!!  :banghead:







33D79760-1685-4410-9D78-84F52904128C.jpeg The "Sort NR 1234" relates to the interior trim code. 
Don't know what "210" relates to.
'EN" relates to the export code for England. WVWZZZ15ZEK009611 
W - Germany
V - Volkswagen 
W - Passenger car
ZZZ - Europe
15 - Cabriolet  
Z - Filler digit 
E - 1984 **** Important, denotes year model
K - Karmann plant
009611 - chassis number 
Type 154 - VW Golf Cabriolet Right Hand Drive
234 - Specific equipment of the car (engine/ transmission etc) for a given period 
DX - Engine code 1800i with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection 
9A - 5-speed manual transmission 
GB - Brown interior / Gazelle - Saddlebrown

A75 - Category 15 
197 - Battery 12 volt, 45Ah
409 - Sport front seats with headrest adjustment
451 - Alloy wheels 5,5J x 13 ET38 The metal tag and numbers on the sticker show
49 - 2 - 9599 
49 - build week (December)
2 - Day of week (Tuesday) 
9599 - relates to the BIW (Body In White) which relates to the production sequence of the bodies. 

So the car was built on Tuesday 6th December 1983 and registered on 7th February 1984. 

 An early letter printed in 'The Golf' magazine. By the way it's written it sounds like it would be early 2002!

Golf plus article.jpg

8/4/2003 - the car went in for what was it's first renovation.









The finished article on 15/4/03 - or so I thought!






Crazyquiff mudflaps - front & rear - 8/5/05




New hood installed at Kew Coach Trimmers, Southport - 23/9/2003


All Types 2004 - first club stand with Club GTI NW

All Types 2004 1.JPG

All Types 2004 2.JPG

All Types 2004 3.JPG  
The earliest photo of the car at a show - VWNW August 2004, appearing in Volkswagen Magazine, page 62, October 2004. The car can just be seen over the females left shoulder!!! 75213C9D-0AED-4944-88D6-38F5B802E51A.jpeg 21st Anniversary of the Golf at Gaydon Heritage Motor Museum. My car was voted 'Best Standard Cabriolet' - 26/9/04



March 2006 saw the first ever Ultimate Dubs show at Telford International centre. Daisy and I represented the club and showed, what was at the time, 2 cars that were built the same but were as wide apart as you could get. Mine was standard and Darren Lumsden's was heavily modified.

e Dano & Daisy Ultimate Dubs 050306.jpeg

I got busy cleaning my hood back in 2006. I used a UPVC window cleaner, cost about £3.50 - much cheaper than car products and the was NO damage caused whatsoever!!

g GolfSolventcleaner.jpg

gg Hood cleaning 1.jpg

ggg hood cleaning 2.jpg

gggg hood cleaning 3.jpg

 Dicussion thread on hood cleaning

All Types 2008 saw me busily doing the big clean again… with lots of 'watchers' but no helpers strangely! Photos courtesy of Gammygolfgti and his 'old skool filter'!!



More to follow 🤣


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Really like the way that looks stock…yet stands out lol more pics when ready!!



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Not always been so shiney then :lol:

Nice bit of history!



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Headlamp washer set up.

h front bumper showing 2 head lamp washers.jpg

hh headlamp spot & headlamp washer small.jpg

A rather grimey washer bottle!! (Its been scrubbed now!  :oops: )

hhhh .jpg

Brown interior

j IMGP1375.JPG

jj IMGP0668.JPG

jjj IMGP0671.JPG

jjjj seat cloth 160306.jpeg

This one makes your eyes go funny!

jjjjj rear seat old cloth 160306.jpeg


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Nice turn around.



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mkeeley said

Nice turn around.

After 6 years of general use, bits of rust are starting to show… A bit is creeping out from under the hood at the back, just above the boot and on the rear arches where it meets the valance. I've a feeling that they will have to get done over the winter!  😉

The rest of it is in pretty good condition. Haven't had to touch the engine so far except for a head gasket (double touch wood!!)

It just remains the same!


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Nice one Dano, strange to think but from when I started on here we used to be about cars like yours but over the years the forum has become more and more about modified cars and 20vt conversions and the like, shame in a way but there ya go, we have to move with the fashion of the day and I'm no stranger to that myself.

Good to see your classy car in pictures on the site, get some more up!



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Yeah I know what you mean Tian, standard was what we catered for initially then more and more modified took over. But, at Coombe there seemed to be quite a few standard examples making a come back. Some were just slightly modified by achange if wheels.

It is actually harder keeping things standard and sourcing NOS or the best there is than buying shiney alternatives!!!


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well im shocked 8O  I always thought you had bought it in the condition it is today, full credit to you for the way she is today would have been easy for someone else to have just run it into the ground and we would have lost a great little Gti cabby, you must get a real buzz when you win show and shines  :D

Dont ask what your club can do for you, but what can you do for your club?


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cars looks well a credit to your work.


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great transfomation Dano..  funnily enough I reckon I know what road your car is on in the pics..  My mate lives down there no 14


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Ive moved from there now, the road is on Holland House Farm, WLD  :wink:

MOT milages from years gone by

1993 - 57,195 (28/02/93)
1994 - 67,728 (09/03/94)
1995 - 77,123 (04/03/95)
1996 - 86,543 (16/04/96)
1997 - 93,573 (08/04/97)
1998 - 101,286 (15/04/98)
1999 - 108,053 (09/04/99)
2000 - 117,495 (31/08/00)
2001 - 127,972 (05/10/01)
2002 - off the road and getting recommissioned
2003 - 121,480 (23/10/03) change of clocks, add 17k
2004 - 129,942 (12/10/04)
2005 - 137,859 (19/10/05)
2006 - 148,293 (13/10/06)
2007 - missing
2008 - 153,011 (15/01/08)
2009 - 156,682 (20/01/09)
2010 - 159,317 (19/01/10)
2011 - 162,167 (19/01/11)
2011 - 162,192 (24/05/11) restoration completed
2012 - 163,183 (31/05/12)
2013 - 167,271 (28/05/13)
2014 - 169,352 (09/06/14)
2015 - 170,575 (29/05/15)
2016 - 172,270 (08/06/16)  
2017 - 173,378 (17/05/17)
2018 - 174,577 (31/05/18) 
2019 - off the road due to engine issues
2020 - 177,264  (20/02/20)
2021 - 178,663 (04/05/21)
2022 - Off the road for bodywork
2023 - Off the road for bodywork
2024 - 180,211 (30/01/24)


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:wink: D****p**t Close ?


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Yeah!!!!  8O  How good are you?!!!

Who lives at No 14? Have they been there for a while, would I know him… ??


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Dano said

Yeah!!!!  8O  How good are you?!!!

Who lives at No 14? Have they been there for a while, would I know him… ??

just call me columbo  :lol:

he's called Wardy.  Tall skinny lad dark hair about 37 two kids has a bronze/orange  Megane sport .. he's lived there for over 10 years I reckon..


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Oh yes I know him. Quiet lad, married to Debbie.

He's ok but I didn't talk to him much cause our paths rarely crossed. A footy player as I recall.


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thats the one, yeas he's a goalkeeper


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The big strip down started today for the all over restoration!!

Photos to follow…..  :lol:


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hope you are detailing the engine too  :wink:


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Last time I saw your mk1 Dano, it looked too good to need a restoration.  Have you any idea on a timescale for this ?
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