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Map for early ceramic fuse box (1982 VW Rabbit MK1)


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I am writing on behalf of my brother, who is restoring a 1982 VW Rabbit Mk1.  He is trying to find the map for the fuse box, which uses ceramic fuses.

I believe the code for the fuse box is: FD-HH

Does anyone have a map showing which fuses go for what?  (He looked in the owner's manual but this isn't included).

Thanks in advance for any guidance you might have!



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H3LTER said

Thank you!! :)


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Hi H3lter,

I looked through the fuseboxes put together by rubjonny but I can't find mine unfortunately.  

896151 SHO

I've attached photos of the fusebox if that helps.  Is this a CE1 fusebox as I thought?  Or something else?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have!

1982 vw rabbit fusebox (front).jpg
1982 vw rabbit fusebox numbers.jpg


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thats the early type ceramic fusebox, scroll down my FAQ till you find it ;)

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