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sportline clocks electrics


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clocks not working

problem  with dash clocks packed up.seems that copper tracks have broken in one area after protective blue film seperated from foil exposing circuits.need someone to repair tracks if possible as backing foil ok. can buy new foil155 919 059G ,can it replace original 155 919 059E


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The "G" version is for MotoMeter gauge sets with airbag.

I don't know if it is also for a MFA unit as well.

The Airbagged units in the US was from 1990-1993 all Cabriolets.

I know there is the one at VW heritage, but it is for airbags.

I don't know what the exact differences there are from the "E" to the "G".

What do Divorces, Great Coffee, and Car Electrics all have in common?

They all start with GOOD Grounds.

Where are my DIY Links?


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Just to update,sent clocks off to  autotronics in Leicester,came back within  weeks fixed,working fine.come with warranty and at reasonable price


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What was the reasonable price?

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