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Scratches on my glass panels, how to remove them.


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Hi all,

I'm carrying out a full, bare shell resto on my mk1 GTI. I bought it last year as a shell, all the parts in boxes or wrapped up. It has now gone in for paint so I've been sorting through all the parts.

I have noticed that nearly all my glass panels have scratches on them.
Not too severe, but enough to notice.
My question is, has anyone tried to remove scratches successfully.
What did you use. I've read up and there is a lot of mis information out there.
Any advice would be appreciated.



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There is a gent who used the optical glass polish to remove the pits and things in his glass.

It was a power that he used with water,,,, Can't find the thread where he showed pictures.

1/4 LB - CRL CERIUM OXIDE - High Grade Optical Glass Polish Compound | eBay

I am pretty sure that is the stuff.

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Polish is good for light marks but if you want to remove light or deeper scratches you need to use emery cloth. Start with a 250-500 grit depending on how bad the scratches are and always use with warm soapy water. once you have sanded away the more deeper scratches you then need to repeat the step wit a more fine paper, 1000 grit then again with 1500 then again with 2000, you could even go one more to 2500 and finish off with a polish. I advise using a sanding block and apply a light even pressure. Its a long process but the results are worth it!
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