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Replacing original oil pan with HRT alloy pan baffled


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Hi you all ,

Just a little explanation for replacing your oil pan from factory by a HRT part  (Schrick copy) , baffled , and that contains 0.5 l oil more ,

First , evidently , you must drain the oil ,

After that done , you must remove the 20 bolts of the pan , BUT two of these are really difficult to unscrew , you'll need a special Hazet tool 2328-10. (around 40 euros on ebay)

It will be easier with this tool.

Oil pan is removed , you clean the oil pump grille , you clean the border where the oil pan is srewed with attention , it must be perfectly clean.

You must remove the black plastic baffle attached to the oil pump ,

Now you can bolt the HRT oil pan , with the special more longer screws selled with the HRT oil pan ,

And……………………the same two bolts will be a nightmare  again , but it's doable with some patience , and a good beer……:P…………keep calm , you will do it even that can appears impossible at the start.

The Nm value is 20 Nm.

Fill the engine with 5 liters of clean oil , start the engine and check if there is no leaks , but it should not.

NOTA : you should take care of the ZDDP value of your new oil (zinc / phosphore) if you have mechanical rockers arms , current  oils not contains suffisant ZDDP percentage and it results a more quicker wear , noticable ) , i would advice Motul 15W50 -300V competition.

A mechanical rockers arms engine needs 1200 PPM of ZDDP if you want to protect it from excessive wear.

If some others explanations needed , just let me know mates ,


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