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MK1 3 door, ADZ fitment


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Need some help and to locate some parts

Hello Fellow MK1 lovers,

I have myself a 1976 3 door MK1 that came to me with no engine fitted, I have decided to fit a 1.8 ADZ engine running twin port Carb, exhaust extractors and the 5 speed G/Box.
I need some help with how to wire up the electronic ignition from my Distributor to Coil (MK3 Coil) both have 3 x wires but wire colours don't match.
Also I don't have the pivot bracket that holds the Gear linkage to the diff housing, does anyone know where I could of these please?

More info on the car, it has been sitting around in dry storage for 16 years as far as I can trace it, the previous owner decided he was going to put a Vento engine into it, so stripped the original engine out and then didn't do anymore with it. Hence missing all the little bits and pieces. The shell is in awesome condition with only 1 rust spot which was the battery tray, this has been changed and the engine bay is getting painted next week at the body shop ready for the engine to go back in again. 
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