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Hi and welcome to this new forum area


We need your help to capture how you work on your Mk1's, those hints and tips on all the jobs that you carry out on them, both technical and non-technical.

We have a Guides section that has some great stuff in it, but we need more.

The idea of this section is that you add your guide as a post and then if accepted it will be removed from here and permanently added as one of our main guides.
When adding images to your guide, please use our "Add Images" button so that we host them for you and they are then not linked to a storage that might be removed.

There will be a voucher to spend in our shop and recognition for the best submitted guide at our Annual Gathering in July 2017.

Have a look here through the existing guides:

A guide that has needed to be created for a long time is the Mk1 Golf price guide - volatile I know at the moment - do you have the time to create one?

Next time you work on your Mk1, get your camera at the ready to be able to show others how to work on them.

Thanks for all your inputs to this.





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Great idea, there's a lot of knowledge out there  :thumbs:


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lhasadreams , Ade looking at the guide page there is a section for documentation, what is intended to go in there?  If it's the handbooks, etc that should come with the car originally then I could do one.

Plus, I did a post a couple of years ago to stripes and decals which could be resurrected - I do end up posting up links to it quite a bit, if you would like that tidying up a bit as well?

Golf GTI Campaign 1983 Mars Red, Ford S-Max 2015, Audi TT 180 quattro 2003, Fiat 500C 2013, Golf GTE MK7.5

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