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Golf trans replacement


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Hi all, got trans issues at the moment so am looking at all my options.

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1990 cab 1.8 carb
Is it possible to swap trans for another one ie from a polo without much modding and if so what would be benefits of doing so or is it just recon original as its better for everyone.  


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Whats the issue with the GB?

They are usually quite robust, could be the clutch failing or the gear selector bushes are almost a consumable part and when replaced can transform how easy it is to select gears

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The trouble with doing nothing is that you never know when you are finished.


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Very good site on the 020 gearbox

Welcome to

Other cars with the 020 gearbox
Mk1 Golf, some Mk2 Golfs, some Mk3 Golfs, Mk1 Scirocco, Mk2 Scirocco, Jetta and I think that's all the cars with a 020.

You might want to check the gear ratios of a replacement gearbox, yours is the AUG gearbox, close ratio gearbox fitted to a lot of Mk1 Golf cabriolets 

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