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DIY Fuel pressure test gauge


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Hi all,
for proper trouble shooting of the k-jet system, you need a fule pressure test gauge. You can buy full kits on ebay and the like, but many don;t have the right connections, and you may end up playing for more stuff that you really need. Whilst there are plenty of threads that mention building your own, I never actaully found one that listed the parts required. So, I worked it out, built my own, and am sharing my parts list in the hope that it may help others.

Parts list: All in ~35

The above parts will be available from places other than ebay, but I really struggled to find the correct fitting for the metering head anywhere other than ebay. It is possible to use a banjo and banjo bolt in place of the adaptor screwed into the metering head, but plenty of folk have snapped the adaptor trying to remove it so I wanted to correct fitting.

My gauge doesn't use the existing pipe from the WUR to metering head, so I can use a banjo fitting at the WUR end. The banjo fitting I bought (listed above) is quite large, it didn't fit on the WUR next to the other connection. After some careful measuring, I flatted one side of the fitting by about 1mm to allow it to fit. You can probably get lower profile banjo fittings, but I didn't think of that issue when I bought mine!

I'd say that 1 metre of fuel hose is the minimum you can get away with. You'll need some PTFE tape for the threaded joints.

Assembly diagram:


Installed on the car:


Note where I had to flat off the banjo on the WUR end of the pipe.


Hope this proves useful to someone.

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My rebuild thread I will try and keep up to date:here

K-Jet fuel pressure test guage How-To
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