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93 Clipper - Fan Heater Motor and Dashboard circuit


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Heater motor replacement needed and dash board lights not working needing new circuit board

I am a very proud new owner of a green Clipper, based in Bath. I have had various niggles sorted out by my excellent local garage but they have been unable to get hold of the above items. Does any have the above parts or suggest the best contact.
Thank you.


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Fan motor widely available and amazingly, for a MK1, surprisingly cheap (when in stock). The originals can often be freed off and bearings lubricated to fix them but at that price not a problem to replace.

This should fit (check P/Ns)  and is in stock

Dashboard lights are spread out across the dash, instrument cluster, ciggi lighter, heater controls etc. There is not single circuit board. Would be surprised if all bulbs had blown but poss some ones bodged them tapping to them for the radio etc. Also the headlight switch has a rheostat to dim the dash lights and if turned right down or faulty would give the same symptoms of no dash lights.

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90 and above cabriolets had a separate fuse for the lights in the dash.

The Clocks have 3 bulbs, the switches and heater fascia have one each.

The heater fascia has it in built, and you have to disassemble it to replace it.

All the switches and lamps are powered by the headlight light switch.

So being more specific as to which lamps aren't working helps us.

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Thank you for your quick replies. Very helpful.
They did a test and thought it was the thin blue circuit board that was faulty. I will check with them and pass this on.
I have a Feb 93 Clipper.
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