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4 x BBS Wheel Badges for less than 27


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Thought you might like to know how I knocked up some BBS wheel badges for less than 27 for four, they look amazing and much better than in the photo's

This is how I did it.

I bought the badges here:
4 Pcs Set BBS Wheel Center Hub Caps Stickers 65mm 2.56 | Etsy UK

The Acrylic discs (70mm x 6mm):

3M VHB (Very High Bond) Double Sided pads 70mm:

Remove the original badge and mountings completely, clean the wheel centre thoroughly
Mount the 3M pad to the acrylic dics and drop into the hole, then stick the badge on top. Simples!
(Dont forget to remove the protective plastic on the discs) wheel 2.jpg wheels 3.jpg cab1.jpg

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