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1.8T AGU conversion parts guide


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Hi there,

First timer, trying to finally start my Mk1 1.8T conversion project, and wanted to know if there was a guide with a comprehensive parts list?
I've had a look on a few forums and I guess what I am looking for is a shopping list in one place, (based on what I have got).

I have bought a Mk4 donor car with an AGU engine and 02J gearbox. Can I remove anything else from the Mk4 (or is that it)?

Other things:
  • Brakes, suspension, driveshaft?
  • I think an intercooler from a Sprinter and a top hose from a Laguna rings a bell too.
  • Engine mount conversions are now available off the shelf?

If anyone can help me get a list in one place, it would be appreciated!
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