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London cartel international show


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London cartel show

Right ladies and gentlemen.
Been tasked with the mission to get numbers for the london cartel show club stand on the 11.08.2019.

The london cartel international auto show
South of england show ground

Im going to register the club and will post password for stand passes.


all people have to do is click the below link , and select VW MK1 OWNERS CLUB from the drop down , then put in this password


The they just buy there tickets (Y)
Phoenix : Error



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Would be awesome to have the largest gathering of Mk1s outside of agm this year guys come on peeps sign up and join us for this huge show

2019 BOTH FLYERS .png

Get all the info here -

follow the event live on FB



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Hiya peeps sorry seems i posted origional on my old account.

To Book A Spot simply click below.


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London cartel international show

Link is working for me[emoji106]

I'll be happy to help out sorting the flags etc for the club stand.

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