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Hill Climb school with stretch tyres?


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I'm taking the golf for a hill climb school day down at Gurston Down, started checkin the car over, my only concern is racing with stretched tyres, they're not massively stretched but obviously the car will be driven with a bit more aggression.

I was just wondering if anyone had ever had any issues/experience racing with stretched tyres?  Please excuse my hideously dirty wheels


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I've got no experience of it to be honest but would have thought that they may make comment.

As you say it's not a big stretch but maybe best to ask them directly first and send them a photo so you don't waste your money and get turned away?


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My mate lost control of his car when 1 of his stretched tyres went down. He lost the ass end and hit the tall curbing on the nurburgring. All 4 wheels off the ground stylee.

50p'd his expensive image wheel which we hammered the hell out of so he could roll home on it. 500 odd miles lol

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