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How to install Rear Speakers?


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Since my 93MY Cabrio (E-152HK) dose have front speakers only, I would like to install rear ones as well.

I have tried to find, how to install the rear speakers onto panel and what kinds of stuffs I do have to prepare so far. As far as I knew,  I have to extend window crank assembly in order to upgrade the speakers, however my girl does not have the original rear speakers. Thus I would like you to support, in order for brand new rear speakers installation, what kinds of stuffs, I do prepare indeed. Some with pictures instruction is very welcome for me to understand easily. Many Thanks in advance.


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wow, no rear speakers in a 93?

Do you have the Grilles but no speakers? or are the Grilles missing totally as that makes a totally different installation.

The rear speaker grillles on OEM installs are mounted as low as you can get to the seat bottoms. Why? because the rear 1/4 windows will roll down to the top of the magnets.  Newer non-oem speakers may have larger magnets so it effects how low the window lowers at the rear.  

Here is how the Grilles are mounted on my rears.

I would say that you need to remove the rear quarter panels at first and see what you may or may not need to do.

Why, because the pre-91.5 as in 90-91.5 had holes in the
Vinyl and backerboard for the rear speakers.
the >91.5 had a hole cut for larger speakers that mounted to the grille and held in place at the rear by the grille / speaker mounting through the door card and held in place by neoprene washers and Speed Nuts.

Taking the panel off will also allow you to see the vapor barrier, as the vapor barrier should have a recess in it to
accommodate the speaker magnet and deflect water off of it.

If you have to cut a hole for the speaker and Grill, it is also nice to know if the hole exists for the speaker in the  rear panel board or if you have to make a hole.

If you make a hole it would be best to Peel the vinyl off the card to make your cut.  Then over lay the Vinyl with clue (waterproof contact cement) then X cut the vinyl to
allow you to pull the material in, also the mounting holes for your new grill can be marked and Drilled in the backer board and then holed in the vinyl after you re-glue it.

The 91.5 and above had 4X6 speakers at the rear.

Then depending on the stick out of the Grilles that you are using you will need an appropriate spacer for the handle to clear the grille as in "normal" extensions are 1/4 of an inch. Where you may need to source 1/2 inch extenders for the crank.

If you remove your rear panels.
1. Remove the cover over the window crank to get to the center screw of the handle, it prys off from the back side (away from the handle knob on the Round part) then swings away from the base to the knob to expose the screw.)
2. Remove the sill plate so the "B" pillar seal is exposed.
remove the "B" pillar seal from the edge of the panel and carefully remove the vinyl that is over lapped.
3. Remove the seat belt cover plate, one Plastic cap and a center push style pin.
4. At the top and side of the panel are the finger panel binders that a panel popper makes short work of.
5. Pull the panel up and out of the bottom brackets to remove it from the car.
6. I have seen some rear panels that had scews at the rear edge behind the seat backs so if it seems to be catching look for the trim screws.

Once you get it off, then you can see what you may have to do to install speakers in the rear.  On my 93, the wires for the rear speakers where different than what was on the head unit, and I had to ring the wires to the head unit to find the right wiring pairs, as the wires between the left and right rear speakers were the same color…

Hope all that made sense.

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Thanks for your explanation indeed. I am unsure, why VAG halted to install rear speakers for Japanese Spec. though, surely we have not got its, when they started to sell limited version, calling Classic Line.
Currently my girl is away from home, she is awaiting for Japanese MOT at the garage. Thence I have put a picture as image. As you could see, there is no speaker grilles at all. Based upon your instruction, I do have to purchase the speaker grilles as well as extension parts, but of course 4x6 speakers. :-)
Massive Thanks from Japan.

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