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Wiper motor upgrade


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The wiper motor has packed in on the 89 cab so I thought I might as well upgrade it. What's the best/easiest option and is there an idiots guide anywhere?



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mk2, mk3 or early mk4. needs to have the white 5 pin plug, cut the plug with a good length of wire from the donor. note mk4 donor will only have 4 wires so you'll need to source an extra wire for the plug.

then splice the wires to mk1 loom matching colours, or crimp spades on donor plug and push to mk1 plug, or cut mk1 plug off and crimp 2.8mm latched spades and fit direct to new plug.  operate wiper once before fitting to the car, then swap over. dont worry about missing lower bracket, doesnt need it.

Mark Carter of had conversion kits at one point, worth a look

Hello my name is John and I'm a dub addict.

My wiring diagrams and other documents have moved here:

VAG Documents & Downloads

You'll need to sign into google/gmail for the link to work! (its free!)


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Brill, thanks mate
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