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Upper rear panel replacement dilemma


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Hi there,
I am reposting because i couldn't view the replies on the first post for some reason.

The lower edge of the hatch on my 1983 Golf GX is rusted and full of holes, as you can see in the pictures, so I've been looking for a panel to replace it. I've found lower rear panel replacements that go no higher than the brake lights, but nothing that goes up to the hatch. Does anyone know where I can get the replacement panel that I'm after?

I have been able to find a full rear panel replacement, which includes the bottom edge of the hatch, however, it's for the earlier smaller brake light models. Ignoring the brake light holes, does the rest of the panel match the big brake light models, could I just splice my brake light surrounds into this replacement rear panel and then replace my full rear panel (which needs replacing anyway)? If not, does the section above the brake lights match up? Could i just cut that bit out of the new panel?

Any advice would be a great help, thanks.

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