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Trolley jacks


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Any good advice please, makes and types etc. only heard of SGS and Clarke. For use in garage, are bottle jacks any good these do seem to be good value for money. I have a good supply of axle stands but need some heavy duty trolley jacks. Thanks in advance.


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I have 2 sgs low profile jacks, I bought 2 because basically I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to switch sides of the car. 

They do me well, although I had one once that leaked and was problematic, their customer service is infuriatingly bad. 


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Have to get used to wording, but Bottle Jacks can be a little problematic as the Height that you need you have to have a smaller size one that doesn't reach up as far so you need so you PUMP IT UP, then Jack stand it.  Lower the Jack and use a 2X6X 1ft, under it and rinse repeat as necessary to get desired height.

With a Floor Jack (trolley?), you Jack one side, Jack stand it, then
Repeat for the other side.  I have a low Profile Double Piston that has a extension of 22 inches.  Double piston is that you get higher faster. If I need more clearance I have 6 2X10's buy 12"  that I have so I can get some additional height if needed, and Occasionally I need more height.  I also have 2 sets of 4X4X12, Two are screwed Together, then I have a 2X8X12 that I can screw to them I think I have had mine about 3 feet in the air once.  But I was very safe about it.

Now I have had occasion where I had to use a bottle jack under my ride to raise things when I was too lazy to get out my engine lift.  

When I do get my car lifted, and jack standed I leave the trolley under it on a pinch weld for just touching the steel as a safety.  I used to have a set of Ramps, but with my newer rides, getting them up on the ramps involved Jacking the car up and putting the ramps under the tires.  Big P.I.T.A..

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