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Golf GTi Electric Antenna


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Hi all,
My GTi Electric Antenna is knackered as the attached pic shows. I searched the net and it's hard to find a genuine Bosch antenna. Can you please advise where I can find one or if there is a decent good quality replacement?
Cheers. P_20171125_131440.jpg


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Hirschmann 2050 aerial seems highly regarded


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Smig1003 said

Hirschmann 2050 aerial seems highly regarded

Absolutely correct, the Hirschman is the correct one that was available as an optional extra from the dealer.

It's the very same one today as we fitted back then but with a slightly different part number.

I think only Conrad as far as I know do them.

Car auto retractable antenna Hirschmann Car Communication HIT AUTA2050 from Conrad Electronic UK

I think the original part number was 2049 so it took me about a year to find it and it was just up the road from me! 😂

Mind you they've gone up about 30% in price since I last recommended it about 2 years ago.

Had mine for about 4 years without any problems.
It's about 30 cm's long than the standard manual and I had mine wired up to my ignition so that if I forget to turn my radio / cassette player off it doesn't matter the antenna goes down so no risk of vandalism! 😉 👍🏼

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Lots of screws on the original Bosch one. I'd pull to bits, clean everything up, lube the mechanical parts and reassemble. Nothing to lose.

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I agree with Early-1800, I had one apart off a MK2 Cavalier CDI that I once owned and there was a couple of contacts in there that had come adrift. I did get it to work again but admittedly it only lasted about a week so I binned it but that was in the days when originality didn'tmatter on these cars!


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Thank you everyone for your input.
My Bosch one is damaged. Some ***** snapped off the mast head. No point repairing it so will replace.
Noted the Hirschmann brand. Will try to get one through eBay.
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