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Fuel Relay Toast--Can't find a new one anywhere!


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Hey folks,

Car wouldn't start and when I pulled the fuel pump relay it left a pin in the car and the bottom is horribly burnt. I think I kicked it while driving or something.

Anyway, I have been looking for an hour and I can't find a replacement relay online ANYWHERE. This is my daily driver and I'm in trouble if I can't get back on the road soon. Any advice?

Car is a 1982 rabbit convertible, the 1.7L gas. Cabby-info saysVW #321906059C or KAE #3.300.100 and there's nothing anywhere.
What is special about these anyway? That they turn off when revs are down to zero? I understand the safety aspect there, but surely if that's it, there should be many that work.

I am considering just getting a standard relay today and then adding in something like this later for safety: (link) Any trouble with this?

There's another thread right now in the electrical section (here) that has a similar question and there were many alternative parts listed, but I googled them all and still couldn't find any!

Please help, thanks!


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You can do the By-pass Jumper to get it running, bit the pump runs full time.

Opps you are in the US or same side of the pond as I.

You can try NAPA they may have some. as yours should have the fuse on the top.
but I think you are going to have to order one. and then Amazon or ebay may be quicker.

Clean connections on the Fuse panel, and fuel pumps help prevent fuel pump relay burnout, but it is always best to have a spare in the boot, or a jumper wire in the glove box handy.

The CIS is more prone to fuel pump relay wonkiness, than the Digifants that I rock.

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Fuel Relay Toast--Can't find a new one anywhere!

The fun of old cars and rare parts. There are lots of versions of that relay, all ending in a different letter. Unfortunately the ‘C’ one is very hard to get hold of. I had the same issue so i know. Try ( ring) Mark Carter at ClassicVW. He managed to get 4 from the US but be warned - it set me back almost 100. Madness i know for such a simple thing. But there you are. You buy old stuff and have to spend money to maintain it!

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Messaged Sam_S


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And another time waster… PM'd them with where to get one and they've not been back on the forum since the time of their original post!

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