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Engine fire, Insurance fun, GX Price and parts needed


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Hello For the last year i have been the proud owner of my golf GX, it has served me well as a reliable daily driver and has always put a small on my face. However being an old car and quite needy, it decided the best way for it to get my attention was to set fire to its self!

 Fourtunatly the fire engines came in a few minutes and as engine fires go I have got of very lightly,  the bonnet was destroyed and the rest of the bodywork and bits of paint can be sorted fairly easy. The rest of the damage to the plastic components in the engine bay, wiring loom ect.

The car has been written off but i am fun arguing the value of my car they have offered me £1400, which for a GX in good condition, 170k and a full history a bit on the low side. Has any body got any ideas on how much my car is worth and how I can convince the insurance company? I cant access the price guide on the website yet because I am new i think.

While i am arguing the toss with my insurance company, i need to start collecting parts to get him back on the road. £1400 - my excess and having to buy the car back only leaves me a few hundred quid so i am on the hunt for some second hand stuff. I have managed to get a bonnet sortted and in the same colour, result!

things i need
Engine bay wiring loom 1.5 carb
Rockercover and cap (big block)
timing belt cover
air filter box with pipes ect,
fuel acumulater thing
Vacume resovoir and pipes ect.
expansion tank and cap
Alternator with wires

If any one can in the comunity can help i would be very greatfull

Cheers for now JodyGX  


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The issue is that if some one hit you, as in their fault, then you would negotiate the price.

I once got 5800 dollars for a 90 Cabriolet.

But then again it was a rear ender, and they hit me.
Rebuilt engine, new top and clutch, all body work done and the repaint was scheduled. I had to have a independent appraiser value the car.

Now with a single insurer fire claim you are probably better served by finding an appraiser that does classic cars to give you a Fair Market Value.  You would probably have to pay, but you may get more for your loss….

Keeping your car as a total, over here there would be a Salvage title issued, then all the repairs have to be OEM, and the car re-certified for a unmarked title.

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