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Clock and cluster help


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Switching out the clock in a cluster

I’m trying to find out if it is possible to correct the mileage on a clock - I have a spare cluster and clock which has the wrong mileage. The other option is to switch the clocks so the one with the correct mileage is in the working spare cluster. In the Milton Keynes area and looking for advice and contacts to help! Thanks


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Take the cluster apart.
Remove the Speedo from the housing.
Carefully take the needle off by using a pair of curved
forceps to pry both sides of the needle off from the shaft DO NOT TRY TO DO IT AN OTHER WAY.
You have to PRY EVENLY from the sides of the Shaft at the center.

Then you can remove the two screws.
On a VDO IIRC and it has been a few years, I took a small jewelers screw driver and forced the wheels off the catch by prying then slightly side ways and then rotating the number to the correct posisiton.

SOme one may have a better rememory than I will chime in.

Going back there are dots on the face plate.  Align the needle with the dots that are on the right of the Stop.
The after you affix the needle to the shaft carefully move it over the stop.  This is how you set the preset on the spring and your speedo should read correctly.  Do not align the needle to left of the stop.. on the right of the stop you will see the dots I am referring to.

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Give rich at crazyquiffs a bell, they repair clocks so may well do it for you. Either send them to them or pop and see him for a few hours one day. 


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Thanks very much, I'll give it a go and will refer to Rich at Crazy Quiffs if it gets a little beyond me!
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