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Brake balance regulator


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Hi there, There is a bracket on my rear axle which appears to be for a brake balance regulator
I don't recall there being a bbr on my car when stripping it down( about 10 years ago).
Does anyone else have one of these regulators on their GTi? 16979894409754434355756784596267.jpg


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Can't show you it in situ, the car's in a 1000 bits at the moment.

However you're right, the brake force regulator attaches to that bracket.

There's a very handy (just one of several that are free, but with ads) on-line database called 7Zap, here's a link to / copy of the schematic for that particular part.

It's been tweaked a bit recently, it used to give you the part numbers on the same page as the schematic, but now you have to click on the partially obscured text to see it in full.

Brake force Regulator.JPG

Like everything else these days you do occasionally see them on eBay, however if they are rusty at all I'd steer well clear.

The inards are similar to those in brake master cylinders and susceptible to the same corrosion / seizing problems… you're taking a punt on them and very probably end up with an expensive paper weight.

If you do see a new one for auction you'd think they were made of platinum judging by the prices being asked.

I could stand to be corrected but its possible Ate are remanufacturing them… I know they were trying to get a 'Classic' range off the ground a few years back, but not sure if it was a success and still exists.

They were still hardly what you'd call cheap, but still no where near eBay prices.

As odd as it seems, keep an eye on the likes of Autodoc.

Wouldn't be the first time bits'n'pieces you'd assume are no longer available can turn up there, either from the OE manufacturer or aftermarket versions.

Unfortunately none at the moment, but check in with them every so often, plus there's part numbers for the different ones to start Googling.

This one came from France (pre-brexit, so don't hold your breath now), the roller at 9A / B isn't pictured, must be in another box somewhere but again even those can still be got new (think the MK2 also uses the same roller in its version of the regulator).

Be aware the MK2's spring looks superficially the same but from recollection its ends both curl round in the same direction whereas the MK1's oppose one another.






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Folks this is an example of someone coming on the forum, asking for help, getting a reply then just leaving things hanging…

I don't reply to posts to get thanks, but equally because I'm under no obligation to do it, neither does it motivate me to take the time and effort to help again in the future.

If you have something to ask, please do, there's a wealth of untapped knowledge on this forum, but then have the common courtesy to at the very least acknowledge it when someone trys to help a stranger.

Unfortunately this isn't an isolated example, you'll see it elsewhere on the forum…


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Hi there, sorry I've upset you. Wasn't my intention, believe me. I thought I had responded tbh and the subject is still ongoing/to be decided upon.
I think you'll find I do usually reply to, and thank members for their invaluable advice. I hope we don't have to fall out over this misunderstanding
Kindest regards Sean


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Don't be worrying, not remotely upset.

What would upset me though is the forum going the same way as quite a few others have in recent years and eventually disappearing.

It's an incredible resource and the decades of past threads an irreplaceable archive, doesn't bear thinking about losing that alone.

The way I look at it, this is a club and it takes every one who's joined to play their small part in keeping it alive.

Not singling you out when I say that, it's aimed at us all, me included!

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