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86 Cabriolet wiring issues


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   Hey guys  I have a 1986 with a 1.8 8v. I converted it to 32/36 Weber's, everything is hooked up but I'm not getting any power to the new 4 psi fuel pump, I used a Multimeter to check its wiring and I'm getting nothing. I checked the fuel pump relay, still nothing. I even pulled the horn relay out and switched it over and still nothing…
  I Don't really have a lot of smarts about electrical stuff. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! 😋

If you see me post it's cuz I got confused with the  mk1 gas cap


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Carb cars usually came with a mechanical fuel pump fitted the the front of the engine block.
It was only fuel injection cars which came with a electrical fuel pump…

Was your car a GTi before you lost the fuel injection system, so now a GT?

Standard VW fuel pump for carb cars looks like this…


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