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Garage near Cambridge


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If anyone is looking for a friendly and trustworthy garage that is happy to do the usual routine jobs (properly) on a Mk1 or other older VW then I can highly recommend Rampton Motors.  It's a family-run business with the ower having considerable experience of working for VW in the past (if I recall correctly).  The son is very keen on modifying motors himself and is always happy to see a well-done conversion.  The work that they have done on my cars has been perfect (clutches, CV boots, bearings, servicing, alternators, belts, window motors, etc.) and they always use OEM parts.

Now I'm not talking about asking them to do your engine swap for you because that's not their thing: that's for either yourself or for a specialist, but for routine jobs (servicing, CV boots, bearings, MOT and such) I have found them to be totally straight and generally very helpful indeed.  I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else.

They also sell quality petrol (please ask whether the petrol is "quality petrol" as this will elicit a lively response!)

Based in Rampton near Cambridge (between Cottenham and Willingham).

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