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At long long last!!


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At long long last!!

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It only took me many many attempts, over about 4 months! Started when I did my head gasket job and they just wouldn't pull. So I thought I'd wait for a bit, head out to B&Q and make one of those injector pulling tools, made that, didn't help a bit. The B*stards would not budge. Every couple of weeks I'd try with new resolve and fail.
Yesterday I made the breakthrough, I had gone most of the night without sleep (not because of the injectors but other things on the mind). I had a theory, a stupid and potentially suisidal idea, use my cordless soldering iron in blow torch mode to melt the b*stards, hahahahahaahahahah. I think I flipped a bit actually.
I made sure I had moved the pipes out of the way and dried the injectors as much as possible, had an assistant on stand by to put out any flames. But it went without incident, a couple of times the fuel in the injector caught, but it was blow outable. After a couple of minutes warming, a tug on the injector with some mole grips and a bit of leverage from a pry bar, the first injector satisfyingly popped out.
I don't have any children but I imagine having your first born would give a similar feeling, all those months and worry, all the preparing and making tools(!?) and then finally you can hold it in your hand, your injector… God I think I might be too involved with my Golf
Check out that seal! I reckon that's original 85 style!


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Wooo hooooooo!

Well done mate. Mine were abolute pigs to shift.

I know exactly what you mean about feeling involved. Holding that cylinder head in my hands - I felt positively paternal.

Good luck with putting it all back together…

Ali Cabrio

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yes, well done. and my first born was exactly like you described… well maybe the soldering iron and mole grips is taking things a tad far…

 congratulations. its a bouncing baby injector  :?

Woohoo, no leaks... splash... Damn!...
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