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1600 EZ Engine For Sale


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For Sale - Stripped and examined VW Golf "EZ" Engine. Taken from a '93 Golf Mk1 Convertible - although it seems more likely to have been originally fitted to a Mk2 Golf.

This is the engine that came with  my "Barn Find" Golf Cabby. It's an EZ engine number and incorrect for my car. Reasoning that I was unlikely to find the correct engine, I set about stripping this unit with a view to replacing/repairing as necessary and using it in the car. I also wanted to check if it was a 1600 bored out to 1800. No such luck! I have as you see, stripped to this stage. Compression felt good prior to strip down on all four cylinders. Although covered in years of crud externally, the internals seem in good condition and there was oil in the sump. Encouragingly, whoever had originally laid the car up had squirted some kind of preserving fluid into all the bores and this seems to have worked wonders. I can find no perceptible end float in the crankshaft and no play at the big ends. Bore wear seems negligible.

I am selling only because - you guessed it - having got to this stage, the correct engine turned up! This now sits in the garage awaiting fitment...........

Certainly too good to scrap and I reckon it must be useful to someone??

In terms of mileage, obviously I cannot give any guarantees but the car has done only 93K so it seems a reasonable bet that this engine will have done less than that…

Yes, I do have the head etc. BUT there is damage to one of the spark plug seatings. Cam etc looks good. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss this.

I'd be happy to take £50 ONO on a collection only basis - located in Blackpool Lancs.

20220801_145704.jpg 20220801_145738.jpg 20220801_180408.jpg 20220809_170446.jpg Happy to work with you to arrange shipment. I have used both "Shiply" and "Paisley Freight" with good results.


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I'd almost forgotten I'd placed this ad….

No one has exhibited any interest and it's in my gargae, in my way and going rusty.

Happy to GIVE to someone who will make use of it.

Otherwise it's a trip to the scrap man  :(
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