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Battery Wiring pictures needed.


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Battery Wiring pictures needed.

Hello all.

I've been drafted in to finish the wiring on my friends Mk1 G60 project. In Fact he's Ant5 on this forum, just found his forum name.

The project has been in progress since about 2001ish and i wasnt there when he orignially stripped the shell to be sent to the bodyshop.

I have sussed all the G60 ECU wiring, and have also wired the rest of the engine sensors to the original Mk1 Fuse Board connections.

But i'm now stuck on the battery terminal connections.

I'm presuming the earth strap runs from the battery, is bolted to the shell somewhere and then is also earthed onto the engine.

The postive side is a slight puzzle, i know i will need a main feed to the fuse box, but as we are trying to make this look as factory as possible i would like to use all original harness and plugs or make new harness with the original plugs.

I've got a few old odds and sods of battery wiring that my friend has dug out from when he originally stripped the car, but they don't look none to clever and look to have been butchered over the past 23years by previous owners.

So if someone could supply me some pictures of a original Unmolested Mk1 GTI battery connections it would be a great help to me.

Many Thanks in advance of any pictures you can help me with.


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I work for vw if you supply me with the detaols fo the car that the engine is from i could prob get you wiring diagrams for that car and possibly for the mk1 then you can decifer what needs to go were


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