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1.5, 1.6 ???

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and need some help identifyng my engine. I thought it was a 1.5 Diesel but I can't find any engine number or engine size markings on the engine.

The only thing I've found is that when I went to change the timing belt, it has a 135 tooth belt and I thought if it was the 1980 model that I thought it was it should have had a 121 tooth belt.

Can anyone shed any light on my problem.

Just found the engine number DCK 223 176

Mal IMG_1955.JPG


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Don't go by and markings on the outside of the engine block, I guess diesel engines are the same, there should be a code stamped just below cylinder 3.

Then check code on here.

VW Engine Codes - Club VeeDub


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On my 1.5 D  there was a stamping on the block back side near the Tranny that has 1.5 and a D under it.

It was hard to see with the exhaust manifold in place, as well as the down pipe.

Once I saw it, I knew.  But I also knew what the OEM window sticker said and what I ordered it that it came with.  

similar to this

1.5 Diesel Bare Block 77-80 VW Rabbit Dasher Mk1 - Genuine - 068 103 021 | eBay

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