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Parts availabilty

Ive got a very worn linkage on a 1989 Caddy, I would like to buy the most complete package of levers and bushes including gearstick ball joint etc. Can any of you more experienced members tell me the best place to buy?


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First this should be posted in the general help, or Running gear section, as I don't know of too many Diesel Cabriolets ever produced.

VWheritage with the discount for new paid members, are know good places with quality parts, and there are others that I from across the pond don't remember.  But for what I ordered from both of them I was happy.

A good place to start is to get to know a few good links to places.

For part numbers and such you can't beat the ETKA
Volkswagen Parts catalog - ETKA Online, Volkswagen EUROPA, original Catalog Volkswagen EUROPA

I wished I still had my older version than the on-line as it still had a lot of the older models and full parts descriptions.

A good site to bookmark as well is all things Cabriolet with good tutorial links and a plethora (love using that word occasionally….) all things Cabriolet.

If you need to know the archive section here has a good how-do-I-do-that section as well I have a link to most of my Cabriolet Specific things there, the engine and electrical are mostly Digifant based, but all the interior, and others cross well on all the mk1 platforms. see the link in my signature.

And for a shorter throw and more positive feel on the shifter, the missing links kits for short-throw and weighted billet are really cost effective.
MissingLinkZ - VW Shift Linkage Upgrades

What do Divorces, Great Coffee, and Car Electrics all have in common?

They all start with GOOD Grounds.

Where are my DIY Links?


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I'm making the assumption that an 89 cab has the same shift mechanism as an 83 tin top 5-speed. I'm not aware that they are different, but you never know. On that assumption…
ebay - GEAR SHIFT KIT 5 Speed 1.6 1.8 VW Mk1 Golf Caddy Golf Cabriolet Mk1 & 2 Scirocco 7081259744948 | eBay

I bought a similar kit (less comprehensive) from that seller earlier this year and it all fitted well.

Alternatively (probably better quality) take a look at Classic VW TRANSMISSION


My rebuild thread I will try and keep up to date: here

K-Jet fuel pressure test guage How-To


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Really helpful, thanks everyone, I'll leave some results once fitted
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