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Steffan BCW 14x7 wheels and tyres for sale


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195/45/14 Toyo Proxes all round. Plenty of life left in them. See pics for cuts in the tyre where they've rubbed against arch.

Minor scratches on the lips but nothing serious. See pic for most serious damage.

I'm not looking for swaps as I've got my next wheels lined up.

Looking for 550ish



E2F124F2-AC38-4375-8F3D-91020167429C.jpeg CBC94166-E088-4447-BF58-77D2A6D37A21.jpeg 2D29DEDA-5B17-47D3-AE2C-AB8D1048EA3C.jpeg 169D68CF-5D7F-4C77-8400-066B373C4BD8.jpeg BC8A7EF2-9CF2-4F43-8A73-29009B3E75DC.jpeg F1AF16BF-E28E-4D25-9C41-D13EA2D76FC3.jpeg 533BB698-09E7-420C-8097-1D7C3D268FCD.jpeg 223EABCC-7652-420E-A12C-EE1C0E84A557.jpeg A272562E-0E35-48A2-B49E-73D84A919BD6.jpeg 61645720-B3CD-4670-9EEC-AAE3F463108D.jpeg

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