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14" Audi 80 Alloys


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Something a bit different for a MK1 in a standard size.

All tyres are scrap, all need a refurb. Not touched them since they arrived; they have graced mine for a short time though, so bolt up fine

ET45 / 6Jx14

x3 Audi metal caps (I think metal) x1 plastic VW/ standard tarantula cap, as pictured

Part numbers - 811 601 025B

I'd had thoughts of using the faces for some custom splits or just to run as winter wheels… As always plans change and no longer needed, as in rediscovered in the back of the garage!

Located Penistone/Barnsley area. Pickup only please; can deliver at cost if localish

100 Ono?


'83 MK1 Golf GTI
'08 Audi S3 2.0 16v TFSI
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