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Bonnet and doors off Spanish Cabriolet.


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Hi. I have 2 bonnets, 3 doors (?!), A couple of boot lids and a couple of wings going off Spanish Cabriolets. Also a couple of folding roofs, manual op.As they've been in a warm climate, there's very little rust.

I'll post pictures of the individual items as time allows.

I'm after 100 for each bonnet, 75 each door. I've not had a close look at boot lids and wings yet. I'm thinking 50 for a boot lid. I'll take some more photos and stick them up later.

I'm open to offers.

The blue bonnet pictured does have small small dents in and a small bubble of rust, but as you'll see the edges etc are good.

If you want any more photos etc, pm me.

I'm in Stafford.


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If you want the PSD Boot Sticker file, it's here: Boot Sticker
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