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Mk1 golf ported cylinder head from JMR clubsport


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Ported/polished head for sale

This head has been on my Scirocco for about 10,000 ish miles - was ported and polished by JMR clubsport an rebuilt with new valves,  valve guides, stem seals, GTI camshaft.

 Fits 1.5 JB and 1.6 FR code engines - includes front and side coolant flanges, give your 1.5 or 1.6 more power, more torque and quicker revving. 
£300 for the head

Matching ported manifold can be thrown in along with a G60 cam cover for an extra £50

Take it easy ; )


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Please excuse my ignorance but is this head the same for a Golf Mk1 Engine? Is this head for injectors or carburettor? I'm actually looking for a 1.8 Carb. cylinder head or complete engine. present motor oil disappears not smoking or puddles of oil under car. A mystery to me. Engine was rebuilt several years ago. Not in regular use 

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