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Mk1 golf 1.5 auto parts


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Engine strip down

Striping a 1.5 petrol out of my caddy. So far pierberg carburetter and intake. Gear shift leaver and cable. Brake and accellerater pedal. A few more bits to come this weekend. Ask if you need anything. Pics available on request

1984 VW LT31 Camper Taffy ( unfortunately Sold)
1987 vw golf mk1 (Unknown name yet possibly bunny or Virginias Wetspot) not decided yet. Sold
1989 VW mk1 caddy 1989 aaz

The Heights of your technology.
are the pits of my doom


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Any clocks with rev counter?

Regards Volkswarren

X2 1983 A REG EW CAMPAIGN In WHITE(Awaiting full rebuild solid body) :thumbs: & T Reg S1 GTi Project, Still Looking for Series 1 GTi's or a 16S Oettinger to restore (Complete Cars only)  or an A reg Lhasa Green or White Gti to restore, also consider  Black, Red or Blue, Also Golf Driver Project Wanted anything considered WHY
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