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Sportline or Rivage


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Looking for either of above

Hello All,

Its been about 6 years since I sold my mk1  ( judging by my last login to this site) I slipped over to the aircooled side but now have a desire for another one. I am ideally after a Sportline or Rivage and preferably after one with a power hood. I have seen a few online but nothing that really floats my boat / budget yet.


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Hi Mart

I'm thinking about letting go of my Red K reg sport line as I'm after an older mk1.

If you're interested give me a call on 07540 050574 as I'm not on the forum often.



'89 Blue Mk1 Golf GTI Cab
'89 White Mk1 Golf Clipper Cab Present:
'93 Red Mk1 Golf GTI Sportline Cab

There are too many online users to list.