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Mk1 golf gti


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Hello all
I'm looking for a gti,must be in good condition 
Not looking for a project 
Need to get back in a gti 
Budget of 12k
Been let down by a few sellers,
Cash waiting

Thank you 

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1983 black gti ELD380Y 


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I have a black 1981 mk1 Gti that was previously used as a slick50 car and has now been restored glass out Respray etc, new rebuilt engine with to much to list.
 As inline with the road series rules it's  original with exception of safety equipment,  individual adjustable dampers, uprated roll bars,  rollcage track timer, extinguish etc engine has been totally rebuilt, internally it's all new with race cam, lighted balanced ported, baffled sump etc etc outputting 165, it will be advertised for 15k snd will come with a new rolling road tuner report,

Let me know if it's of interest 

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