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Found one! Please remove post. Mk1 Cabby wanted, Midlands area.


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Hi all, looking to purchase a Mk1 cabby in the next month. 

I live just south of Birmingham 

J reg or newer ideally (existing private plate!),

Not Sportline or Rivage as they're outside of my budget,
Looking at around 3.5k max for the right one. Just missed out on one on eBay which is annoying! 

Needs to be original or as close as possible, think you call me a purist? 😬

No problem if work has been done - roof replaced, respray etc as long as it's in keeping with original spec.

Let me know if you're looking to sell one! 


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Still looking!

Found a couple of possibilities but none worth biting the bullet on.

Looking at the condition of those out there going for less, I'm going to probably need to spend £4-£4.5k, ideally a big bumper GTI.

Was looking at a J reg or newer before, but this is not needed now as I forgot to renew my plate and DVLA say I can't get it back!

Ideally F reg and newer.

Anyone thinking of selling? 


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I'm looking to sell my gti cabby., big bumper in ink blue. Its in storage at the minute until the weather improves.
Had cam belt and water pump and clutch last year… new suspension year before. I can send you some pics if you are interested.


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Yes please!

Any photos you have would be great… When are you looking to sell? 

Feel free to PM me?


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