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1989 Golf GTi Cabrio ***deposit accepted ***


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I am losing my showroom facility, sadly I have to sell ASAP hence the reduced price

its a Cabrio

109000 miles

Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Tel 07739038350

The original VW service book is present with all stamps, and there are lots of invoices for work carried out over the years

MOT expires in September 2019


Golf is in superb condition, was repainted in 2017 in BMW ‘Le Mans Blue’ the original colour was Helios blue. This was carried out professionally by a local body shop to me who specialise in prestige cars

I have had some work carried out to recommission for the road, the car was stored in a dry garage for 7 years prior to my purchase

Its a show car condition. In my opinion it needs to be used and has a few minor faults to rectify to make it A1, these are:

Glovebox - it’s loose in the dash and needs refixing
Fuel filler, I have found there is a small rust hole in the filler neck which you can feel with your finger when the filler cap is removed, so the filler neck needs replacing, a very simple and cheap fix
Tuning - During recommission the timing was set by ear because my mechanic did not possess a timing light (modern mechanic LoL) and the car does sometimes ‘pink’ a little, so the car would benefit from a tune up. It does start on the button and drive well though.
Oil leak - From the cam cover, again, common , simple and cheap fix, I have a mk3 gasket which they say is the recommended upgrade to the old style cork gasket.

So in summary a fantastic looking Golf cab, at a very keen price

the car is all original except has 6x9 speakers in the parcel shelf and modern stereo, again easy and cheap to revert back to standard, and the car has had a Thatcham alarm/immobiliser fitted at some point (certificate included) which is wired into remote central locking, in my opinion a good mod worth keeping.

Mohair hood is excellent, and the car comes with a cover for when the top is down (it’s a manual hood)
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