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[SOLD] Red 1992 Golf GTI 1.8 Convertible Sportline


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Model  Red 1992 Golf GTI 1.8 Convertible Sportline

Spec/Trim option GTI Sportline
Year of manufacture 1992
Mileage 136,000
Price  £6800
Location Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Contact details
Condition  Excellent overall condition, although not concours but great car for those summer weekends or daily
Service history Full
Mot expiry Date April 2019

1992 Golf GTI 1.8 Convertible Sportline £6800

BBS Sportline wheels included, loose wheels in pictures

BBS RMs, on the car in the pictures, sold separately, I have the centre caps.

Sportline on the V5

Garaged, no rot or rust

Starts fine from cold and runs excellent

MOT until 8th April 2019

Interior excellent condition for age (not worn at all)

Mohair hood fitted 2010

New carpets fitted 2010

Original tourneau cover

CAT 1 alarm/imboliser with convertible cabin sensor array, so it can be set with the hood down

Electric hood works fine, I do have spare pump, can be sold separately

Bare metal respray 2010 in the original flash red, base and clear (not two pack), bumper irons powder coated

KW variant 1 coilovers

136,000k (owned since 2009, done very few miles 3k I think)

Original sportline wheels, kerb marks, could do with a refurb, loose wheels in the pictures (BBS RMs on the car in the pictures, sold separately)

Momo steering wheel, original sportline included

Stainless steel exhaust manifold, can’t remember the make of this

Non-standard exhaust, sounds good, can’t remember the make

Last year engine work - new battery, new oil pump, new clutch, new injectors, new Hel red fuel lines, aux air valve refurb’d, refurb’d metering head and timing adjusted and dizzy recently adjusted.

Front and rear end rebuilt 3 years ago, all parts powder coated, new front brakes, discs, brake lines and rear drums/shoes, new fuel tank, new a-arms, antiroll bar, steering rack, a shed load of other stuff I can’t remember, all new/refurb/powder coated.

Kenwood Radio with iPhone charging and plays music via a lightening cable, hidden aerial

So much history you’ll need a ring binder

Currently SORN but I’ll sort some tax out for a demo drive, no test drives without full insurance ON this car, no 3rd party shenanigans

Couple of minor issues, slight small bubble on the paint on top of the aerial mount smoothing. Small one on the bonnet, we are talking really small, nail head small. Otherwise excellent for 9 years old.

Slight light knock sometimes when reversing, I think this is the brake pads moving in the callipers. Doesn’t affect normal driving, not felt through the steering while driving, etc.

These are small issues, I’m really fussy about this stuff.

Please, no time wasters, or silly offers, this is a great little car that has been well maintained.

IMG_3689.jpg IMG_3690.jpg IMG_3691.jpg IMG_3692.jpg IMG_3693.jpg IMG_3694.jpg IMG_3695.jpg IMG_4086.jpg

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