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Replacement side trims


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Hi all,

My 1988 GTI Cabrio has just come back following a 4 month bare metal respray.  It looks absolutely stunning, however, the side trims let the car down and I want to refurbish or replace these.  The bodyshop could not find any replacements.  These are the wider style trims that run full length at waist height.  They are black plastic with chrome inserts (not the thinner black plastic trims that I have found available to buy).  Does anyone know anyone who can supply these.  VW Heritage have suggested to me that they are not available.  If this is the case does anyone have any experience of getting these refurbished.  Seems a shame to have a car with what is now perfect paintwork with these old trims on it!

Many thanks.


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You can refurb the trims a few different ways.

Clean them well use alcohol or brake cleaner on the rubber bits to take all the oxidation off of the rubber.

You can mask off the Chrome Center and the spray the rubber bits with Vinyl Dye, or Spray Plastidip them

I was trying to do the 90ish that is all black.

I have had good luck with Back to Black after cleaning it.

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ARE THEY ALL THE SAME damaged? or just 1 or 2, i have a selection of spares, that i keep to improve the looks of my current cars. NSF,OSF ,NSdoor OSdoor,NSR,OSR  let me know how bad yours are and can see if can supply with better

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OK thanks guys, much appreciated.

I will take a few pictures and post them so you can see if what you have available are better than I currently have.  They are not damaged, just that someone has previously sprayed the whole things black, over the chrome.  I have managed to remove the black and gone back to the chrome but it is scratched and not great.  I'll post pics later when I can.

Thanks again.
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