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new alloys advice please


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I'm looking for some new alloys and found this golf that has the look I'm looking for can anyone give me some advice as to what sizes fit the golf mk1 convertible please 43529825_925355450997327_1869695537490217751_n.jpg


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you can go small 13" with big rubber, and upto 16" with stretch or thin rubber.  
most people are running around i would say on 15" with various offsets and spacers to create looks fills arches nicely

bbs RA,RM'S, 100x 4 et 30-40 or whatever
ronal turbos
lenso replicas
steel alloys
p slot alloys A code mk1 AA mk2 but whom cares.

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Nomorecarsthatsit 83 plate tintop ($mashed)
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Mk4 99 1.8t indigo blue Gti with 40k miles
Caster 93 clipper JH Green cabby
Snowy 91 GTi White cabby
Myvalver 89 GTi Grey mk2 16v
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