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It's so fluffy!


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So after 4 weeks undercover I let the Golf see the light of day so I could go to a local meet this morning.

Anyway on taking the cover off the entire car is covered in a really fine dust like fluff from the inside of the cover.

The cover is a stormforce4 cover and is around a year old.
This is the second one I've had because around a year ago my first stormforce did the same thing and almost appeared to be splitting on the outside.

The ebay seller replaced it without hesitation but it does appear these are only lasting around a year.

The dusty fluff won't blow off the car because its so fine and microfiber cloths just move it around so its really hard to get off especially off the mohair roof.

Is there a way of somehow making the car less static so the dust won't stick or would putting a fitted "indoor" cover underneath the stormforce cure this

Im starting to get a bit fluffed off with it

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Sounds like a bit of a faff (or fluff if you prefer)!

i suppose an old sheet or something might work…..


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